G. O'Connor

British author. Full name Gladys O'Connor. Another writer of whom I know absolutely zero, so if anyone has any information please let me know. She has written a number of children's books of the holiday adventure/mystery genre, of which a handful have some horsy content. Not sure about them all as I have not tracked them all down yet! Thanks to Dandy is a pony story about a pit pony, the Swendale books are holiday type adventures with some pony content.

Swendale Series:

SUMMARY: Holiday adventure story with ponies thrown in for good measure. Lindy. Dick and Jimmy arrive in Yorkshire for a holiday on a farm and have fun riding, making a secret den and searching for treasure!

SUMMARY: Sequel to Swendale Surprises. The children are back at Swendale for a winter holiday. Don't know if this one contains any pony content or not.

Collector's info:
These are fairly easy to find in the UK via the internet. There are also a few copies to be had in Australia. Harder to find in America however.

Other Horse & Pony Books:

Reprinted in hardback by original publisher a few times.
SUMMARY: After their father is injured in a mining accident, Joe and Kitty are given the pit pony Dandy, and the family's fortunes begin to change.

Collector's info:
Although not exactly a common title, can be found without too much trouble on the internet in the UK, USA and Australia. Price seems to vary a lot so shop around before buying an expensive copy.